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Cheap as Chips Computer RepairComputer Repair Stoke On Trent

Welcome to our dedicated Stoke on Trent computer repair website. We have now been offering computer repair services for nearly 10 years in Stoke On Trent and Newscastle-Under-Lyme.

We offer a unique computer repair service which offers a variety of services solving many problems like computer virus infections, Windows problems and home wireless network problems.

We have a dedicated team of mobile computer repair technicians which are available for onsite visits 7 Days a Week from 8am till 11pm.

Home Computer Repair

80% of all our clients are home users, who require a home computer repair service from virus removal to solving their wireless network connection problems. We have long working hours to suite the home user ensuring a same day mobile computer repairs engineer to visit. We are always reviewing our services and cost to ensure the home user always gets a very cost effective cheap pc repair solution. Our PC repair services are available is areas of Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire and neighboring areas like Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Leek, Congleton and Crewe. We also have engineer’s available Shropshire

Cost of Computer Repair

Our Stoke On Trent PC repair services come without any call out charges making sure you don’t pay a penny just for a computer repair engineer to tell you your computer is broken. We don’t charge an hourly rate easing the burden on your wallet when a virus removal service takes 2 hours or longer. We only charge a flat fee once your computer problems have been resolved. However in the unlikely event we cannot offer a solution you will not have to pay anything.

To find out more about our cheap computer repair service please call 0800 2 34 34 68 to speak to one of mobile engineers directly.

Onsite Computer Repair

Majority of all our computer services are offered onsite. Whether you have a Hardware problem (computer not turning on) or you require help setting up a home wireless network, our on site computer repair technicians will be able to assist. We do offer an off site computer repair service which enables PC repair engineers to further diagnose problems that cannot be resolved onsite.

Fast Home Computer RepairFast PC Repair

We understand how essential computers have become to many in their day to day lives. When you unable to use your computer it is like losing your right arm. Our Computer repair services are highly recommended by our customer’s because of our fast pc repair service.

We can arrange a home computer repair engineer to visit the same day with a solution to your computer woes. In the event we have to repair your computer off site we do our best get your computer back to you the next day.

We Will Repair Any Make Any Model

Laptop Repairs

Reformat Reinstall

Is your computer infected with a virus?

Find out how get your computer virus free. Our Computer virus removal service is fast we can have a mobile computer repair engineer by your computer the same day to remove virus and malware infections

Having Wireless Problems?

If your wireless connection keeps dropping or cannot connect to your wireless router we can help you today. We support all makes and models of wireless router and can get you connected to today

Can't connect to the Internet?

If you're tired of endless calls to internet support make one more final call to get your broadband connection problems resolved. We can help to get you connected and make sense your internet problems

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