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Windows XP Problems

Windows XP ProblemsAround 60% home and business users we attended still use Windows XP. Windows XP users have not upgraded because of cost, hardware and software compatibility issues or just simply they like how things are. However Microsoft has suggested support for Windows XP service pack 3 will cease in April 2014. If your are still using Windows XP after that date you will not receive any updates and security patches.

By the end of Windows XP support deadline many would still be using Windows XP and would still require support when Windows XP problems occur.

The good news is while there are Windows XP users about we will still offer support for all the problems Windows XP can throw at them like file missing or corrupt messages or missing NTLDR prompts. If you are facing windows problems and need computer repair help. Call on 0800 2 34 34 68

Problems with Windows Vista and Windows 7

Windows Vista Windows 7 ProblemsLike with any new operating system they all come with their fair share of problems and boy did Vista come with a bundle. Biggest problems with Windows Vista were compatibility problems with hardware and software.

If you purchased a new computer and Windows Vista was preinstalled you may have had problems with installing your old printer, webcam or SatNav software. If you upgraded from Windows XP you may have found previously installed software and hardware like sound cards may have stopped working.

The introduction of service pack 1 and 2 for Windows Vista have resolved many of the underlying problems with Windows Vista aided by hardware and software vendors bringing out compatible software and drivers to work with WindowsVista.. However there will always be certain problems which occur due failures and corruptions like Bootmgr is missing or Blue Screen of Death error messages. If you are having problems with Windows Vista or Windows 7 contact our Stoke On Trent computer repair team on 0800 2 34 34 68 to discuss your problems

You will come across many error messages from windows. Some you be able to interpret like No Operating System Found and others you may not e.g. invalid Boot.ini file or unmountable boot volume. We have detailed a few of the common issues you may come across while booting or starting up your computer.

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Find out how get your computer virus free. Our Computer virus removal service is fast we can have a mobile computer repair engineer by your computer the same day to remove virus and malware infections

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If your wireless connection keeps dropping or cannot connect to your wireless router we can help you today. We support all makes and model of wireless router and can get you connected to today

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If you're tired of endless calls to internet support make one more final call to get your broadband connection problems resolved. We can help to get you connected and make sense your internet problems

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