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Orange Livebox Wireless Problems

Orange Livebox wireless connection problemsIf you are one of the few who are still using an orange livebox and cannot connect to it try these simple steps.

Is it a Livebox problem?

If you have more than 1 computer in the home check to see if all computers are affected. It may be all other wireless devices may not be affected.

If all other computers are working fine and can access the internet, than there may not be a problem with your orange Livebox and just with affected desktop or laptop.

Is it a broadband signal problem?

If all other devices cannot access your broadband connection try simply powering down the Livebox wait 30-60 seconds and turn on again.

Check all Cables to the router (livebox) making sure none have come loose or are in the wrong place.

If your router is not connecting to the internet try replacing the ADSL filter

Call Orange broadband technical support and ask them to check the broadband signal.

If Orange broadband technical support have told you there are no broadband signal issues, We may be able to help. We can arrange an onsite visit by our computer repair engineers to test your wireless equipment and talk to your broadband provider to offer you a solution. We support all makes of wireless routers supplied by Orange. As well as the Livebox our Stoke on trent computer repair engineers also offer support for then Netgear DGN1000 and Siemens wireless router.

If you cant remember your wireless password simply have a look under your Livebox router. you will find your wireless network name and password details underneath.

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My new laptop will not connect?

If you have brought a new laptop or desktop computer and cannot connect to your wirless network dont panic and make trastic changes. Call now for a home computer repair visit to connect your laptop to you wireless network

My broadband doesnt work?

Whenever your broadband connection stops working or you think its not working often the problem may be at you end. If you ISP has told you there is no problem with your signal we can help. Get answers to you broadband connections now call 0800 2 34 34 68

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