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Files Missing or Corrupt

When you boot up your computer and see a message saying that a certain file is missing or corrupt do not panic all is not lost

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM

Files Missing or Corrupt

Missing files or corrupted files messages are a sign of a corrupt registry or registry hive. There are many reasons why the registry hive maybe corrupt. One way to corrupt a registry hive is an improper shut down. Improper shut downs are achieved by either power failures, faulty hardware or by human intervention. During a normal shut down all the drivers and services are unloaded before the PC is shutdown. If an improper shutdown has been executed, services may be still modifying the registry which would leave the hive in a inconsistent state. Unfortunately there may be instances where you have to force the computer to shutdown becuase it has virus infections ot the computer has crashed.

Corrupt registry hive can be corrected depending on what has caused the corruption. Our home computer repair technicians can perform a diagnostic to ascertain what has caused the corruption and attempt to correct the errors. Call now on 0800 23 34 34 68 and book a onsite home visit by  a Stoke On Trent computer repair engineer

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