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Computer Virus Removal

Computer Virus InfectionComputer virus removal service is available 7 days a week from our Stoke On Trent computer repair engineers. Our mobile computer repair technicians have a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to computer virus infections and the removal of virus infections.Computer virus removal service offers to disinfect and delete all types of computer infections from trojans and rootkits infections to fake antivirus infections and botnets.

A virus is a computer program or script which is designed to spread from file to file or computer to computer without the user's knowledge or consent. If a computer is infected you may find files and programs have gone missing or you are seing computer errors like Blue screen of death or files missing or corrupt messages.


Trojans is a malicious piece of software which appears to be a legitimate program performing a normal function, but instead has ulterior motives to damage your pc or collect user information for financial gain. Trojans infections may be hard to spot even tot he trained eye as they appear very genuine and trick the user into submitting personal information.


Rootkit virus is a software which masks its self to stop detection while obtaining a high level of access (administrator or super user ) to the infected PC. Rootkit viruses are used for all kinds of malicious damage but mainly used to steal personal and sensitive data like passwords and bank details


A botnet is an agent which run automatically using your pc to spam others. This kind of attack can be used to slow down a server or send spam emails to other users simulate clicks to other sites for financial gain.

Fake antivirus and popup messages

fake antivirus infections are now a very common occurrence with very few online security software vendors picking up the infection. This type of infections runs an exe file which displays a professional looking fake antivirus software warning you of an infection on your pc. This software will continue to popup and stop you from using your computer until you purchase their fake antivirus software.

We are currently seeing a lot of new versions of rogue antivirus infections on windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers. We have listed some of the latest fake antivirus software infections our mobile home computer engineers can removeFake Antivirus Software.

  1. Antivirus 2011 Infections
  2. Security tool Infections
  3. Windows Registry Infections
  4. MS Removal Tool Infections or MS Tool Infections
  5. Facebook virus Infections
  6. System Restore virus Scams
  7. System Tool or System Tool 2011
  8. PC Tool 2011
  9. Antivirus Clean 2011
  10. Internet Protection 2011
  11. Xp antispyware 2011

and many more

We have the expertise in removing these pests from your computer. If you find you computer is infected DO NOT pay for anything. If you have paid please get into touch with your bank or credit card company. Call 0800 2 34 34 68 now and book our computer virus removal service. For a flat fee we will remove and advise on how to avoid such infections in the future.

My computer is infected by a virus

If you think you computer is infected by a virus the first thing you should do is not panic and take any drastic actions. We always ask to complete a full scan of your computer with a antivirus. You may find a full scan may pickup on the infections and remove them. Remove your computer off the internet by either removing the ethernet connection or disabling your wireless network card. This will reduce the chances of the virus infection from spreading. Recall your last steps before the infection occured. Computer virus infection can spread from

  1. Infected Websites
  2. Infected email attachments
  3. USB flash drives used on a machine which may be infected
  4. Compact discs and floppy discs from other computer users
  5. Files sent over instant messesging.
recalling your last steps can help to identify the source of the infection. Try not to use your computer if possible. While the computer is on the infection may spread further to other files and folders. Call now on 0800 2 34 34 68 to speak to a Stoke on trent computer repair engineer and arrange a computer virus removal service.

Onsite computer virus removal

Majority of all computer virus removal services are offered onsite. Whether you desktop computer or laptop we can removel and clean up your computer onsite the same day. There maybe occasions where the infection is deep and wide spread that a more drastic approach may be required. If we cannot resolve your virus problems onsite than a off site option will be offered. We always do our best to get your computer back to your the following day.


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Is your computer infected with a virus?

Find out how get your computer virus free. Our Computer virus removal service is fast we can have a mobile computer repair engineer by your computer the same day to remove virus and malware infections

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