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Computer Repair ServiceComputers are an essential part of our lives. We have become dependent upon computers for many aspects of day to day lives. Unfortunately computers can and do break down if not maintained properly. When you have lost the use of your pc it makes life difficult especially when you rely on them for a living. There are many reasons why your computer is not turning on, computer freezeing during use or your computer is very slow. Many of these problems could be attributed to computer hardware problems.

Computer hardware problems

A computer consists of many parts which work together to make your computer run smoothly. Computer hardware can start to show problems during the life of the computer which if not repaired or replaced will hinder the use of your pc. We have listed some scenarios of pc problems which may require repair, replacement or configuration of your computer hardware

Computer freezing

Computer Over HeatingOne of the main causes of computer freezing or restarting is over heating. Tremendous amount of heat can be generated by your computer while in use. Majority of the heat is generated by your CPU and Graphics card and in some cases your ram. Many safe guards are put into place to deal with the issues of heat. Fans, Heatsinks and Computer cases with good airflow always help to cool down the computer.

One of the main causes of over heating is dust. Cooler air is sucked into the computer and pushed down towards heatsinks. Along side air there will always be dust which over the years builds up on heatsinks stopping cool air reaching down to cool the processor. One of the signs of an overheating computer is a CPU fan constantly spinning fast and never seems to slow. You may also find you pc starts to freeze or even shuts down without warning.

We always recommend giving your computer a good spring clean every 6 months to remove the dust from CPU Cooler and graphics cards. If you find your computer is freezing or pc is slow and would like a home vist by our computer engineers please call on 0800 2 34 34 65. Our mobile computer repair technicians will be able to repair and test your over heating problems onsite.

Computer Not Turning OnComputer is not turning on

If you’re PC refuses to power up there a few things you should try before opening up the computer.

  1. Always check your power connections, make sure they are firmly pushed in.
  2. Check the fuse in your power leads.
  3. Check any extension cables or surge protectors you are using are working.

 If after all those checks your computer still refuses to turn on then we have to start looking at the computer. There are 2 main components of the PC which could affect the PC from not starting up.

  1. The first component is your Power Supply Unit or PSU which may be completely dead or display intermittent faults.
  2. The second component is the Motherboard which can stop the computer from booting if faulty. The motherboard can be affected by faulty bloated capacitors or an electrical surge which could render the motherboard dead.

Computer Safe ModeComputer keeps restarting

If you are constantly seeing options for safe mode but no matter what you select still bring you back to the same menu than you may have issues with your hard drive or the operating system.

Hard drive failure or faults

Hard drives do have a shelf life depending on how much use the hard drive has had. Mass data downloading over a long period of time can also take its toll on the hard drive. Some of the symptoms of hard drive failure are

  • Each time the pc starts up it ask to scan the hard drive called a check disk.
  • System files are missing or corrupt and need replacing.
  • The computer runs very slowly

Software Conflicts

You may find before the computer attempts a restart a blue screen flashes and disappears this would indicate a possible problem with the operating system. What you will be seeing is what is known as the Blue Screen of Death or BSOD. The BSOD is way of telling the user a critical error has occurred due to a virus infection, hardware fault or conflicting software.

No input signalComputer turns on but no display

If when you turn on your computer but see nothing on your monitor you may have a faulty graphics card. If you have dedicated graphics card then it can easily be replaced to bring your computer back to life. However if your graphics card is onboard your motherboard than you will need to be replace the faulty motherboard.

Hardware failure

A computer hardware failure can occur during the life of the computer. Hardware failures can start to show signs in various ways including continuous bleeping sounds, Blue screen of death (BSOD) messages to start up error messages like unmountable boot volume. Below you will find a list of computer hardware used in a typical computer.



Computer motherboard is a essential part of any computer. All computer hardware is inserted or attached to the motherboard. Motherboards come in two popular sizes depeneding on the size of the computer case you can use ATX or Micro ATX motherboards. Motherboards come with a variety of connectors like USB, PS2, Serial and Paralled Ports to built in VGA and Sound Cards.

Computer Ram Memory

Memory (RAM)

Ram (Random Access Memory) is a form of data storage for your computer. This type of memory is comes in the fome of 133mm long modules which slot into the motherboard. Data stored in the Ram is tempoary and is lost when the power is removed.

Computer Hard Drive

Hard Drive

Hard drive is form of computer data storage which is non-volatile. Unlike Ram memory when power is lost the data remains on the device. Hard drive consists of rigid rotating platters from which data is written and read from using floating head.

Computer dvdrw

Optical Drive

The Optical disc drive or CD Drive is a device used to read and write data to and from optical discs. Optical disc drives can be used to read compact discs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. An essential part of any pc ideal for storing and archiving data.



The CPU (central processing unit) or Processor is the brains behind the computer. The Processor is the device which carrys out the computers functions and instructions from computer programs. There 2 Major CPU chip manufacturers AMD and Intel which produce from a single core to multiple core chips.

Computer CPu Cooler

CPU Coooler

Mounted on to of every CPU is a cooler, The cool consists of fan and a metal heatsink. CPUs get very hot and damaged if not cooled down during operations. The heatsink transfers the heat away from the CPU while being cooled by the fan attached above.

Computer Floppy Drive

Floppy Drive

Floppy drive is used for the storage of data onto 3.5" floppy diskettes. Before the use of optical drives in computers floppy drives were the only means of storing data for the home computer. Today very few use them in their day to day operations and manufacturers unless specified do not include them in the computer.

Computer psu power supply unit

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

The PSU or Power Supply Unit powers the main components of the computer. A good reliable PSU is always something to consider when building or purchasing a computer. A PSU can come in several different Sizes Power Ranges and Connectors.

Computer Case


Computer Case holds all the components together. Computers cases come in many shapes and sizes and colours. Computers cases can be personalised and enhanced with fans and lights to give them a unique look.

Computer Operating System - Windows Linux

Operating System

Operating system is software is what drives the computer. The operating system enables all the hardware to communicate with each other and interact with programs. Most popular operating system is by Microsoft called Windows. The most common versions of windows used today are Windows XP, Windows Vista and their latest version Windows 7.

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