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Broadband connection problems

Are you having broadband connection problems? Are you tired of making sense of broadband support help lines?
Whether you have a Sky broadband problem or a TalkTalk broadband problem our Stoke on Trent computer repair engineers can help. We support all broadband providers and internet connection equipment like cable modems and wireless routers provided by internet service providers.

No internet connection

So you switch on your laptop, connect to your wireless network and are welcomed by Page Not Found. This is a common scene when you have no internet connection. There are many reasons why you may not have access to your broadband connection.

Broadband signal

Broadband signal can fail or develop an intermittent fault which can stop you from connecting to the internet. Your Broadband provider will be able to test your ADSL signal.

Faulty Micro filter

A micro filter is used on all ADSL type broadband connections. A micro filter stops your broadband signal and telephone signal from conflicting. When a micro filter fails the broadband signal and voice signals interfere causing your broadband connection to disconnect

Faulty internal wiring

Faulty internal wiring can be problem if your broadband equipment is not connected to the master socket but on a extension. This problem only seems to affect BT or ADSL connections .It is always recommended to have your wireless broadband router connected to the main master socket.

Faulty Wireless Router or Modem

A faulty wireless router or modem will stop broadband internet access. A wireless router like the BT Broadband wireless hub or the Vigin Media Wireless Hub may become faulty causing an intermittent connection or no connection.

Wrong Username and Password

If your modem or wireless router does not have the right login details your router or modem will not connect to your broadband connection. Here is a list of broadband providers which require a username and password to connect

  • BT Broadband
  • TalkTalk Broadband
  • AOL Broadband
  • Plusnet Broadband
  • Orange Broadband
  • Tiscali Broadband

I need help with my broadband connection

No matter what type of connection you have if you are having problems with your internet connections we can help. We can have one of Stoke on Trent computer repair engineers by your computer the same day to help find the answers to your broadband connection problems. Call now on 0800 2 34 34 68 and book a onsite home visit.


Cant connect to your broadband?
Simply try restarting your wireless router or modem. Unplug the power to your wireless router or modem and reconnect after 60 seconds. Most problems may be corrected by simply restarting your equipment.

We Will Repair Any Make Any Model

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Is your computer infected with a virus?

Find out how get your computer virus free. Our Computer virus removal service is fast we can have a mobile computer repair engineer by your computer the same day to remove virus and malware infections

Having Wireless Problems?

If your wireless connection keeps dropping or cannot connect to your wireless router we can help you today. We support all makes and models of wireless router and can get you connected to today

Can't connect to the Internet?

If you're tired of endless calls to internet support make one more final call to get your broadband connection problems resolved. We can help to get you connected and make sense your internet problems

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